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GohsenolTM EG-05 P

CAS-Nr.: 9002-89-5

Polyvinyl alcohol Granule with an average viscosity of 5.3 mPas

Product characteristics

  • Polyvinyl Alcohol is traditionally used for tablet film coating, as binder and as thickener in many pharmaceutical applications.
  • Especially its excellent film formation, high adhesion force, high film strength and superior moisture barrier function make PVA/GOHSENOLTM EG a peerless pharmaceutical ingredient.
  • GohsenolTM EG-05P is especially used as Binder, Granulation Agent and as Base of orodospersible films.
  • Origin Japan
  • Quality Ph. Eur.
  • Compendial status: EP, USP, JP
  • Degree of Hydrolysis: 86.5 – 89.0 (mol%)
  • GOHSENOLTM is soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents.
  • Minimum order quantity 100 kg
  • Packaging 20 kg bag


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